Aluminum Alloy Desktop Mount Stand

Tablet Stand and Holders with Adjustable Range and Height-Viozon Aluminum Stand for ipad/ipad pro/ipad Mini/Cellphone/Kindle Desk Holder fits 3.5-13inches, 360° Swivel Adjustable Base

Model: AP-7C
Color: Silver
Dimension:9.8*7.8*3.1 inches
Shipping Weight:2.07 pounds
1.Beautiful and Sturdy: the heavy metal base increases the stability of the support, and the rubber pad at the bottom protects the contact surface between the table top and the support. The shaft is made of aerospace aluminum titanium alloy and super high quality alloy material, which is very strong and beautiful.

2.Height and Angle Adjustable: Holders and the height of the shaft body and regulatory free smooth rotation, can rotate 360 ° base is unique design, you only need to gently turning, can realize the customer communication with you.

3.Compatibility:Suitable for 3.5-13 inches phone or tablet, such as ipad/ipad pro/ipad mini/Cellphone/Kindle/Surface mini

4.Ergonomic Design: easy to use, the use of this bracket you can release your hands, the screen rotation, high Angle adjustment is effective to alleviate the fatigue of using tablets and mobile phones for a long time, provide a healthy way of life and work.

5.Wide Applications:living, working and studying ocassions, such as living room, bedroom, office reception desk, shopping mall, retail reception desk, office, conference room, etc.
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